Gunjan wadhi

( Director )

Director's Message

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We believe that child’s every step is important in education to reach milestones to show their full potential. It is very important to educating our children to be confident, intelligent and caring citizens of the 21st century. DPS Champs Pvt. Ltd. play a important role in developing child’s love of learning .and make the foundation for children’s success, both ways professionally and personally. We do believe in to work in unite so that our parent can understand our children in better way. Each child is unique and special with their own talents and qualities. The necessary guidance should be given our children to shine. Children’s always needs change as they move different stages through the development, We should give chance to our champs to explore the world around them independently, We provide plenty of opportunity to our children in specific Programs to explore, concepts, every child is capable to create new ideas on their own . As the Director Pre Primary Education, I am promising to ensuring that your children feel safe and enjoy their precious time learning with us. I look forward to the progress and achievements of our champs. we welcome you and your child for high-quality learning which is designed for your children in a unique educational and personal environment..

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