Our Philosophy

When it comes to early childhood learning, we focus on quality, care and treat.


At DPS Champs School, we think that we all have a responsibility to encourage and foster the children's and our own inherent drive to study for the rest of our lives. We commit to our own professional development and personal improvement .

Financial Prudence and Sustainability

We are committed to financial prudence and sustainability, which means making decisions that respect the organization's overall financial health in order to achieve our goals and objectives.

Bonding and Partnership

Respectful relationships are incredibly essential to our institution, and they form the foundation on which we work. We think that the quality of our care is determined by our interactions with children, families, staff.

Quality, Care and Trust

When it comes to early learning and child care, parents need to choose someone they can trust. We will keep working to ensure and enhance our services in order to fulfil the needs of the children and families we serve.

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